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Retirement plan audits from a qualified CPA firm you can rely upon.

City Sky

CPA in Charlotte, NC

Providing ERISA Employee Benefit Plan Audits

AC CPA, PLLC was established as a niche certified public accounting firm focused on providing cost-effective and skilled audits for ERISA employee benefit plans. 

Whether you are considering a change in your service provider network, navigating an unusual circumstance, or simply seeking professional advice, AC CPA, PLLC is available to address your concerns year-round.

Financial Data

401k Audits

Cost-effective and skilled audits for ERISA employee benefit plans. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk

How Does it Work?

Review our frequently asked questions to better understand the services we provide.

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North Carolina's Leaders in ERISA Audits

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team is driven by a  passion for 401k plan audits, as well as the positive impact they have on employees. AC CPA, PLLC was established to build the next generation of auditors and support companies in maintaining a compliant 401k plan.

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