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About AC CPA

Employee Benefit Plan Audit Specialist in Charlotte, NC

AC CPA, PLLC was established as a niche certified public accounting firm focused on providing cost-effective and skilled audits for ERISA employee benefit plans. 

Our Mission as Your Audit Experts

Human Resources is often a department that is run on a lean structure and we understand the importance of your time. With that in mind, we focus on working directly with your service provider network rather than requiring you act as middleman for routine and simple audit requests wherever possible.


Your service provider network includes the 401k provider that holds your assets, the financial advisor, your payroll provider, your company CPA, and any other parties that advise or consult on the plan. By working as a team with your service provider network, we can gain the most knowledge about your plan which is the key to an efficient and effective audit.


As a result of these efforts, our typical client spends less than 8 hours working on requests for their annual audit.


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Financial Data

Gain Valuable Insights

As auditors, we have the benefit of seeing a variety of 401k plans and the companies that run them. Bearing witness to other companies’ experiences allows us to provide valuable insights to our clients to reduce opportunities for errors or limit the burden on the HR or Finance department.


Whether you are considering a change in your service provider network, navigating an unusual circumstance, or simply seeking professional advice, AC CPA, PLLC is available to address your concerns year-round.

Commitment to
the Employees

As an Independent Qualified Public Accountant (IQPA), we must maintain the independence standards that are set. With that in mind, we focus on the impact on the employee.


Fortunately, any errors identified in an audit can be corrected. By acting in good faith, our clients have the opportunity to correct mistakes by utilizing the various DOL/IRS correction options. Utilizing these corrective actions prior to any audit by the DOL or IRS can limit or eliminate penalties for your company.

Business Meeting
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North Carolina's Leaders in ERISA Audits

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our team is driven by a  passion for 401k plan audits, as well as the positive impact they have on employees. AC CPA, PLLC was established to build the next generation of auditors and support companies in maintaining a compliant 401k plan.

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